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The impact of mobile technology on retail sales

by newsbitbox.com

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way we live and work in recent years. From socializing to shopping, everything is now available on the go because of the rapid advancement in mobile technology. One of the areas that have been immensely impacted by mobile technology is retail sales. Mobile technology has influenced the way retailers conduct business, communicate with customers, market their products, and sell their services.

The impact of mobile technology on retail sales is enormous. According to market reports, mobile commerce is predicted to account for 73% of e-commerce sales by 2021, reaching $3.56 trillion globally. Consumers are now turning to their smartphones and tablets to shop online as it is more convenient, accessible and comfortable. With the advancement in technology, shopping has become a seamless process that customers can do anytime, anywhere in the world.

Mobile technology has provided retailers with an opportunity to reach out to their customers and enhance sales growth. With countless shopping apps, customers can now browse and compare different product options with ease. Mobile technology has not only made shopping comfortable but also made it more personalized for different users.

The use of mobile technology to market products has been a significant breakthrough for retailers. Unlike the traditional marketing methods, mobile apps and advertisement campaigns have provided a direct link with the customers. With the use of push notifications and SMS marketing strategies, retailers can now send customized messages to their customers based on their preferences, purchase history, and location. The effectiveness of mobile marketing can be seen from the high open rates of push notifications, which are as high as 90%.

Mobile technology has also changed the way retailers sell their products. The introduction of mobile point-of-sale systems has enabled retailers to process transactions anywhere and anytime using a mobile device. This allows retailers to reach consumers on the go and sell products in various locations, providing them with an edge over traditional retailers.

With the rise of mobile technology, retailers are now putting more focus on the customer experience. Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping online, having their orders delivered to their doorstep, and browsing through different products on their mobile devices. Retailers now need to focus their energies on making the shopping experience on mobile devices more seamless and glitch-free.

In conclusion, mobile technology has had a significant impact on retail sales. It has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with customers, market their products, and conduct sales. Retailers need to embrace mobile technology to stay competitive and relevant in the fast-changing retail landscape. Those who fail to adapt to the changing technology landscape will likely lose out to their competitors in the long run.

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